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Back-of-House Labor Saving Tips

Speed and efficiency in a kitchen have always been vital to turn tables rapidly and increase profits. Disposable ovenable pan liners are a great way to help boost not only efficiency but also help obtain true back-of-house labor savings. When comparing the costs of staff and cleaning materials that are used to clean burned-on food from oven pans, the costs begin to add up.

When cleaning oven pans, not only are labor and supplies being used, but also precious time, when another dish could have been prepared and served instead. By using disposable ovenable pan liners, the kitchen staff can quickly insert the raw foods into the ovenable bag that’s placed inside the cooking pan, and put both into the oven, and walk away, not having to worry about stirring constantly to avoid pan burn-in. These pan liners can withstand temperatures up to 400°F (204°C). The staff member can then move on to performing other essential tasks. This type of efficiency has become even more important in the current job market when there are fewer labor resources and an ever-growing number of consumers venturing out to revisit their reopened favorite restaurant(s). Take advantage of those patrons by using labor-saving shortcuts such as those that disposable ovenable pan liners offer to get those patrons served quickly. These types of shortcuts are essential in the current market, and the patrons will notice the great service.

When utilizing disposable ovenable pan liners, food yield and quality are also improved. Food retains its flavor and moisture within the protection of the high-quality nylon pan liners. Since there’s less food burned onto the pan, food yield is increased, and more of the food inside of the ovenable pan liner is available to be served. Once the pan is empty, the kitchen staff can simply dispose of, or store leftovers in the bag, and the pan is ready to be sanitized and reused for the next dish with a new pan liner. This is how expedience should work. Dishwashing is not a revenue-generating task; remove it from the foodservice process and help your labor force too by using disposable ovenable pan liners.

Features and Benefits

  • Can withstand temperatures up to 400°F (220°C)
  • Eliminate scrubbing to remove baked-on foods
  • Preserves food moistness and flavor
  • Quick and easy clean up, saving time and money
  • Increased food yield


  • Baking meats and poultry
  • Baking vegetables and pastas
  • Perfect for soups and gravies
  • Transporting, serving, and storing food
  • Store and dispose leftovers

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