Operator's Edge | Changing Priorities in Off-Premise Packaging
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Changing Priorities in Off-Premise Packaging

Evolving consumer need states and new competition in the form of third-party delivery services has resulted in escalating demand for off-premise food and beverages. In particular, the rapid growth of third-party delivery services has expanded the variety of food and beverages that consumers now order to go.

As a result, packaging that was originally designed to provide low-cost solutions for leftovers is largely inadequate to meet emerging needs for durability, temperature maintenance and alleviate food safety concerns.

Packaging solutions must keep up with rising consumer demand for quality, convenience, and eco-friendliness.

To meet these needs, distributor accounts are seeking next-generation packaging that elevates food quality and offers a wider variety of options for off-premise orders. As new packaging solutions emerge, operators will continuously evaluate which options best preserve the integrity of their menu offerings, align with their brand positioning and satisfy customer demand for a better off-premise experience. These operators will look to their distributors as a resource for these solutions.

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Source: Technomic and IFDA