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A New Way to Care for the Environment

Environmental initiatives in industry and governments worldwide are being enacted more than ever, especially those aimed at reducing landfill waste. Compostable Gloves could be a part of the solution. Compostable gloves offer an alternative that helps meet zero waste and sustainability goals by delivering foodservice gloves that are Made in the USA with material that composts in a commercial composting facility.

By choosing Compostable Gloves that are manufactured domestically, one not only contributes to a stronger U.S. economy but also helps in reducing transportation emissions. They come partnered with a domestic Packaging Company that provides corrugated packaging that is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) certified. An SFI certification means that at least two-thirds of the packaging fiber materials are sourced from sustainable sources.

Compostable Gloves provide a new way to care for the environment while securing food safety as well. Comfortable and durable, each pair is a quality tool for completing foodservice tasks such as making sandwiches, prepping salads, serving pastries, cafeteria serving, and more. After use, these Compostable Gloves can be given a new life as compost, since they are made of material certified to degrade in a commercial composting facility.

Why Compost?

According to the EPA, up to 40% of all items in municipal solid waste landfills are organic materials such as food waste, yard trimmings, and brush. Items that can easily be reused or recycled into compost. Some of the main benefits of composting include:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas by emitting less methane into the air from food waste
  • Reusing organic materials by making them into nutrient-rich soil
  • Promoting sustainable communities and organizations

Features and Benefits

  • Loose-fit design for easy-on easy-off use
    • Compostable to reduce landfill waste and methane emissions
  • Durable material and a translucent green color
  • Can help reduce landfill disposal fees through composting programs
  • Made in the U.S.A. to reduce overall transportation emissions and shrink our carbon footprint


  • Making sandwiches
  • Fresh salad prep
  • Pre-portioning
  • Buffet serving
  • Handling pastries
  • General cleaning tasks
  • Schools / Active Education 

Content courtesy of Handgards, Inc.