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Bar Food & Appetizers

Looking for ways to amp up your bar menu game? We all know consumers today no longer follow the strict three-meals-a-day routine, which is why it’s important to offer fun and enticing options to help them graze and snack – before, after, and between meals. These offerings also allow customers an opportunity to be a bit adventurous and try new flavors.

Appetizer innovation also offers operators an opportunity to create signature menu items. Tater appetizers are a great way for operators to add their own creative touch while taking advantage of the small plates trend. For example, savory bar bites capture a casual, flavor-forward vibe and provide a great platform for menu innovation. Mix in chorizo or beef sausage, fry, and serve with a signature sauce. Stuff potato-based appetizers with high-impact ingredients like jalapeno, blue cheese crumbles, cheddar, shrimp, or other protein for an indulgent option in a smaller portion. Or appeal to customers looking for plant-based alternatives by serving with roasted red peppers or simply seasoning with truffle salt.

Tater appetizers also allow for unique presentation and serving options. For example, skillet dishes are a rustic presentation that provides an authentic feel – top with bacon bits and blue cheese crumbles and serve in a cute mini skillet. Or, add a new spin to nachos using potato-based appetizers as a carrier that allows for innovative flavor combinations.

Another way to add some excitement and customization is by pairing tater appetizers with a selection of dipping sauces in unique flavors. Try on-trend flavors like Harissa ketchup, Ancho BBQ sauce, or Sriracha ranch to satisfy adventurous patrons.

With tater appetizers, the creative possibilities are truly endless and operators will find them a profitable solution with modest food costs delivering high margins to boost the bottom line. And, customers are sure to love ‘em!

Content courtesy of Idahoan Foods