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Control Food Costs with Fresh-Dried Potatoes

Even as customers begin to flock back to their favorite establishments, food costs are continuing to climb, labor shortage issues persist, and operators are finding it harder and harder to grow their margins and maintain profitability. Even so, there are many creative solutions available to help restaurants reduce waste, grow margins, and improve their bottom line.

Fresh-dried mashed potatoes and tater appetizers are a low-labor, high-margin, and food-cost-friendly option to the menu. A smart solution for creating craveable LTOs, seasonal dishes, and menu staples alike, they provide operators with great dishes that pay off while still offering customers the flavorful experience they’re craving.

Forget worrying about losing money on expensive leftover ingredients and unused product. Fresh-dried mashed potatoes and tater appetizers give operators the perfect canvas for creativity with a variety of leftovers, allowing them to save on stocking a diverse set of ingredients. Mix in leftover protein such as chorizo or ground beef, top with leftover veggies and cheese, or stuff with high-impact ingredients like jalapeño or blue cheese crumbles for indulgent and adventurous plates.

Any way you slice it, speed-scratch potatoes help operators to create a variety of low-cost dips, sides, appetizers, and entrees in a fraction of the time. Quick and easy to make, they allow kitchen staff to prepare for peak traffic and manage fluctuations with less risk of waste, even when labor is short. What’s more, fresh-dried potatoes are a shelf-stable pantry item you can easily keep on hand without sacrificing valuable refrigerator or freezer space.

For operators looking to control food costs in their kitchens, fresh-dried potatoes fit the bill. With a little creativity, speed-scratch potatoes provide endless possibilities at a low cost, helping operators to boost their bottom line.

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