Operator's Edge | Dress Up Cocktails to Dress Up Profits

Dress Up Cocktails to Dress Up Profits

The current pandemic situation has completely changed our way of interacting, eating, and having that happy hour cocktail. With bar and restaurant establishments slowly opening back up, competition for consumers is in full effect. Why not differentiate your establishment and expand the happy hour menu with expendables?!

Dress Up Cocktails to Dress Up Profits

Serving great cocktails is about serving the right ingredients in the right proportion, but it’s also about great presentation. There’s nothing more powerful than seeing a delicious cocktail and knowingly telling the bartender, “I’ll have what she’s having.” One easy and cost-effective way to elevate a bar’s cocktail game is through plating expendables. They can help enhance presentation, maximize buzz around a menu, and increase overall profits.

Enhance Presentation

Using picks and stirrers in beverage presentations can easily bring a cocktail from boring to eye-catching. More than ever, trends have been shifting to wood and bamboo picks for decoration. The pick to use can vary depending on the vibe of the drink. Umbrella picks can be used for tropical themes while bamboo knot picks instantly add an elegant and modern look across the menu. Flat, rectangular bamboo stirrers are commonly used for coffee, but also make a unique and trendy alternative to plastic stirrers.

Maximize Buzz

Something as simple as sliding pre-cut fruit onto a paddle pick can add flair that can get customers talking. Especially in an age where special presentation can get special attention on social media, expendables are the perfect way to make cocktails photo-worthy. Dressing up cocktails with stylish garnishes can get media-savvy customers to snap pics of drinks and share them with friends, possibly even mentioning the bar in the process. This can be great for attracting more customers and raising a bars’ reputation as a trendy place to be.

Increase Value & Profit

Adding expendables and garnishes to cocktails takes a regular drink and adds value. This means that restaurants and bars can justify price increases for these premium drinks. Operators can invest in cents per cocktail while profiting up to a dollar extra by simply designing a clever garnish with expendables. Customers will see the value in premium presentation, especially when garnishes include beautiful and delicious bites of fruit to improve their experience.

Content courtesy of Handgards, Inc.