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Gen Z and Other Disruptors

The population is changing, and so is the foodservice industry. The Baby Boom and Generation X drove the explosive growth of food away from home through the pioneering 1970s–1990s. Millennials brought their spirit of food adventurism and flavor cravings to the aughts and teens.

Now it’s Generation Z’s turn. Also known as post-Millennials, iGen, and digital natives, this new cohort may be relatively small but make no mistake: they’re having a profound effect on foodservice.

As a result, the need for the next generation of on-demand foodservice solutions is growing. From all-day menus to convenient off-premise platforms, from exciting new options like meal kits and food trucks to tech-based ordering and payment systems, the foodservice marketplace is undergoing massive change.

According to Technomic, the implications of Gen Z trends are many, including but not limited to:

  • Next-level delivery
  • Enhanced grab-and-go options, such as street foods (e.g., tacos, sandwiches) and satisfying beverages (e.g., cold-pressed juices, smoothies)
  • Focus on fresh, authentic food and beverages and the healthy halo they impart
  • More convenient/sustainable to-go packaging
  • Order ahead for pickup
  • Quick cashless/tap-and-go payment

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Content courtesy of Nestle Professional

Source: Technomic, Gen Z: What is the Next Consumer Generation Eating and Drinking? (April 2019)